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Wouldn't you agree that Mother's Day is truly EVERY day? 
Mother's come to us in different forms. 
Women who actually birthed us.
Women who show up as aunties, Godmothers, nanas, tutus, mentors, teachers, etc. including the mothers of our best friends.

I truly believe that the Universe blesses us with everything we need and every ONE we need to live a happy life. My mother was left a widow at a young age, having to raise children in ways that were foreign to her (she was from the Philippines and my sister and I were born in Hawai'i).  As a grown woman, I NOW understand the complexities and difficulties of being a mother. It is not an easy job. Rewarding but far from easy.

You know that crazy time as a teen where no one seems to "get you" except your peers, right? My mom, could not deal with me or understand me especially as a first generation Filipina. We clashed what seems like all the time. I was being my "why don't you understand me?!?!?" and she, "why can't you just listen to me?!?!?" Communication, social and cultural differences also came into play. Little did I know that my dear, loving, powerful mother was simply doing the best she could with the limited support and resources she had. Her main goal was to feed and clothe us. Providing us a solid education. She wanted to make sure we had the basics in life and gave to us what she did not have growing up in her barrio. 

During one of the most challenging times in our lives, my mother was blessed with reinforcements. I was super duper blessed in my teen years to have a second mom. My best friend's mom. And this Mother's Day RosaLei is dedicated to her. 

Auntie Rose, who I also lovingly call, Mama Rose, is also a first generation Filipina.
She got me! She understood me and that is all I needed was to be understood. She, her husband and daughters welcomed me into their 'ohana. For over 30 years I've had the greatest honor to be one of her "hanai" (adopted) daughters. What a joy it is!

This light weight, colorful, vibrant RosaLei is made up of:

  • 8mm various vibrant, flower designs polymer beads
  • 10mm Red Rose Cinnabar beads
  • Virgin and Crone - 10mm vibrant, flower polymer beads
  • Mother - 10mm *Rose Quartz carved rose bead - "is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra, teaching the true essence of love."  This quartz is a reminder for you, as a mother and woman, to fill yourself up FIRST!
  • Colorful 34mm plastic rose (end piece)

Mama Rose is always joyful, light in spirit, generous, loving and understanding. She continues to inspire me as she is always on the go and being of service to others. 

Every day I celebrate all of the women, wāhine, who give so much of themselves to others. And like myself, you don't have to give birth to a child to be a mother. A dear friend of mine lovingly calls this act, "mothering." I am in gratitude to all of you who nurture and care for other humans, animals, plants, the ocean, circumstances who need the mothering so that life flows in comfort and harmony. 

"Rosita" is a lei for all of you mamas who imbues Our Divine Mother's love and grace.
It is a reminder that you are appreciated, supported and loved. 



*Wisdom from "The Crystal Bible", by the amazing Judy Hall 


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