Welina mai! My name is Geralyn Kamahaʻo Camarillo. I co-create and design Rosaries/Prayer Beads with Mother Mary and the Goddess Energy.

I call our rosary a RosaLei,  a name that was gifted to me by an intrepid fellow goddess sister, Heidi Taam. It is a LEI of roses in the form of beads, honoring the Divine feminine.

Each RosaLei is handmade with love and joy in a sacred place on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi called Hakipuʻu.

From start to finish, I have a sacred protocol which consists of:

  • Creating sacred space with unique sacred anointing oils and tinctures by Soul Medicine Artist, Emma Kupu Mitchell
  • Asking for guidance from The Divine Mother and The Universe
  • Setting intentions
  • Surrounding myself with high vibrational music or sounds
  • Making sure that my Joy Meter is at 100%

Look closely as each RosaLei has a ROSE  in some form. A requisite in honor of the Divine Mother, the love for the goddess energy.

When a RosaLei is completed it is:

  • Infused with Hakipuʻu energy in our Mala/Grotto
  • Blessed and prayed over by Kahu Lāhela
  • Imbued with Soul Medicine Artist, Emma Kupu Mitchellʻs, Crystal Sound Healing Bowls and blessing

There is no mass production here.

Each RosaLei is made to order OR simply made when inspired by The Divine Mother. Because they are hand made, there may be slight variations from the design pictured in their description.
If I have more than one it will be noted.

I welcome you to please check back occasionally for the newest designs.
All RosaLeis are first come, first home! 

Please email me at to let me know which RosaLei is calling to you.

Shipping will be about $7 if youʻre in the U.S. as they are also insured due to their hand created nature.

My desire is that these prayer beads  assist you in your Spiritual practice, whatever that may be. This rosary or mala welcomes all denominations. It is designed to deepen your connection with your own Divine support system with no boundaries, labels or rules…I trust, that when used with the greatest positive intentions, that it will also be a talisman of love, compassion, patience and joy . Also,  when wearing it, will remind you of all these wonderful things…akin to a Mother embracing her child and being reminded that you are safe and protected.

Mahalo for visiting.
I am grateful you are here .  
Thank you for loving you first then sharing your beautiful Light with the world!

Mahalo piha,