Greetings and warmest aloha!

Welcome to my sacred corner of creation! I am Geralyn Kamahaʻo Camarillo, a co-creator and designer of Rosaries/Prayer Beads/Malas infused with the divine goddess energies. 

Step into the realm of the Aloha RosaLei, a name lovingly bestowed upon our malas by the adventurous spirit of a fellow goddess sister, Heidi Taam. Each RosaLei is more than just a strand of beads; it is a vibrant Lei of roses, a tribute to the essence of the Divine Feminine, the Blessed Mother.

Crafted with meticulous care and boundless joy, every RosaLei takes form amidst the serene beauty of Hakipuʻu, a sacred oasis nestled in Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi.

From inception to completion, I follow a sacred protocol:

  • Creating a space sanctified by unique anointing oils and tinctures crafted by Soul Medicine Artist, Emma Kupu Mitchell.
  • Seeking guidance from The Divine Mother and The Universe
  • Setting heartfelt intentions for each product created
  • Enveloping myself in the harmonious melodies of high vibrational music.
  • Ensuring my Joy Meter is at its peak, vibrating at 100%
Observe closely, for within most of the RosaLeis lies a symbol of the rose—a tribute to the boundless love of the Divine Mother and the radiant energy of the goddess.

As a RosaLei reaches fruition, it undergoes a sacred transformation:

  • Infused with the nurturing energy of Hakipuʻu within our Mala/Grotto
  • Blessed and adorned with prayers by Kahu Lāhela
  • Enriched with the healing resonance of Soul Medicine Artist, Emma Kupu Mitchell's Crystal Sound Healing Bowls and Kahu Kaleo Faheyʻs Native American Flute. Both meles (music) were crafted specifically for Aloha Rosaleis
Here, there is no assembly line production. Each RosaLei is handcrafted with love and intention, made to order or inspired by the whispers of The Divine Mother. Thus, variations may occur, each adding its unique charm and character.

I invite you to revisit often to discover our latest designs. Remember, each RosaLei is eagerly awaiting its first home!

To connect with the RosaLei that resonates with your soul, kindly reach out to me at

Shipping within the U.S. is approximately $7, ensuring the safe journey of these handcrafted treasures.

My deepest wish is for these prayer beads to become companions on your spiritual journey, embracing all paths and denominations. They are crafted to deepen your connection with your personal Divine support system, free from boundaries, labels, or restrictions. With the purest intentions, may they become talismans of love, compassion, patience, and joy, gently reminding you of your inherent safety and protection, much like a loving Mother's embrace.

Mahalo for gracing us with your presence. Your visit is cherished, and I am profoundly grateful that our paths have crossed.

Thank you for embracing the beauty of your own Light and sharing it with the world!

With heartfelt gratitude and endless blessings,

Geralyn and Our Lady