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In your heart and hands is the power for change.

Bespoke Universal Prayer Beads


Co-created and designed with the Blessed Mother and the supportive energy of the Divine Feminine. These prayer beads are non-denominational. They are for anyone who want to lift their vibration, and deepen their spiritual connection and growth.


Everything from the beads, cord, connectors and focal point are graciously chosen, especially bespoke pieces.
Spiritual protocol is implemented before, during and after creation.


Joyfully hand made by Geralyn in the sacred valley of Hakipuʻu on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth.
Infused with the islandʻs divine essence, this energy will be with you...always.

“Prayer is the medium of miracles; in whatever way works for you, pray right now.”

~ Marianne Williamson

The two bespoke Rosalei’s Geralyn lovingly handcrafted for me are so MUCH more than prayer beads.They hold unique energies that are in perfect harmony and alignment with all that I love and value in my heart....they make me feel supported, grounded and confident, filling me with a powerful uplifting energy, a vibration of pure joy and Aloha.

Emma Kupu Mitchell, Soul Guide

 Geralyn’s RosaLei is a gift straight from the Goddess! Somehow Geralyn intuited the stones, the symbols, the colors…everything I could have ever asked for in “my” rosary!
I now wear it all day every day and say a daily rosary with it.

Janet Conner, The Prayer Artist

I wanted something that would capture us...something that would acknowledge our personal strengths, desires, and paths while grounding and strengthening our journey, joys, and our spiritual connection as a couple. Our Rosaleis are perfect for us and we are perfect for them.

Dr. Sarah and Mr. Dennis D.


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