• 1.made for a particular customer or user

The RosaLeis you discover here can be the blueprint for YOUR talisman. You may want a particular RosaLei and through conversation and getting to know you better, Iʻm inspired to personalize the original design just for you. Itʻs just a slight touch here and there. Perhaps a bead change or a different fun focal to support what you need or want in your life right now.  

Iʻve also received custom orders, from beautiful clients, either for themselves or as a special gift to a loved one...or both!
Your piece is generated from any of the following:

  • kind of support needed right now
  • celebrating or honoring
  • affirming or reminding talisman

Iʻve made a fun form that you can fill out so I can design your RosaLei inspired by what you share with me and Divine Mama. Costs for totally bespoke pieces, made entirely from the ground up, will depend on what pieces are being used and labor of love.

Please keep in mind, that each RosaLei is hand made and special components may need to be ordered to complete the assemblage, ample time is essential. 
Also, if modifying an existing RosaLei design, depending on the intensity or depth of personalization there may be a fee applied. 

We are all created brilliantly and differently from one another. We are all unique.
Know that your prayer talisman can be just as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Hand made with ALOHA.

(Pictured here is a bespoke, custom ordered RosaLei for a radiant Reiki Master Teacher-Practitioner and Soul Purpose Coach.)

Bessieʻs bespoke RosaLei was inspired by her love of not only the colors, but also the desire for deeper connection to Spirit. We chose, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Sugilite.