Our Lady of Woodstock 2022
Our Lady of Woodstock is a lightweight rosary made up mainly of 6mm beads!
Our Lady of Woodstock is a lightweight rosary made up mainly of 6mm beads!
Look at how that little bird wanted to be a part of this yearʻs design! So adorbs!
Our Lady of Woodstock 2022
Our Lady of Woodstock 2022

Our Lady of Woodstock 2022

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Birthed on the magnificent Master Number date of 11/11/22, here is this  yearʻs rosary honoring Our Lady of Woodstock!  HOORAY!

Compared to her sister from 2021, she is much lighter and smaller because of the cute  size beads that were chosen by the Blessed Mother. 

The Maters (Hail Mary decades) 

  • Various Wood Beads  (6mm) - grounding, ancient and soo connected to Mother Earth

  • Various warm toned Millefiori Glass Beads  (6mm) - "Millefiori beads get their names from the two Italian words: Mille, meaning thousand, and Fiori, meaning flowers."

The Paters (Our Fathers)

  • Antique Gold Rose Beads (8mm)

The Triple Goddess

  • Virgin - Various wood bead (6mm)

  • Mother - Adorable Bronze tone *bird (made from zinc alloy metal and are lead and nickel free)

  • Crone - Various Millefiori bead (6mm)


  • Double sided Rose


  • Vibrant Miyuki orange spacers

*As I was putting her together, the Shama Birds were singing in Hakipuʻu. I knew it was a message from the Divine that a lovely feathered sentient being wanted and needed to be part of this special rosary. So there she is in all her glory representing the Maiden in the Triple Goddess. 

Because of her size she cannot be worn however, she is lightweight and fits easily into your purse or pocket so she can be with you at all times...and this is how Our Lady rolls, right? Forever supporting us and oh so present!

“Like our simian ancestors, we are born clinging to our mothers, and for the rest of our lives we will reenact that first embrace, reaching out for something to hold on to—both in moments of joy and in moments of distress.”

~ "The Way of the Rose" by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn


Once an order is placed, your RosaLei will be created JUST FOR YOU! I donʻt mass produce any of our talismans, chaplets, malas, or rosaries.  All handmade with ALOHA in Hakipuʻu and infused with all kinds of magic and blessings!

NOTE: Colors of RosaLeis (Photo Images)

  • Please keep in mind that due to lighting, the differences in individualʻs monitor settings, etc. there may be slight variations even though every effort is made to represent colors of the pieces as accurately as possible. 

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