Kupuʻs Haumea - 10mm Lava and Smoky Quarz, 8mm Faceted Sodalite + Green Aventurine + Amethyst, Azurite Saucers, Beautiful Fluorite Goddess Focal
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
10mm Lava and Smoky Quarz, 8mm Faceted Sodalite + Green Aventurine + Amethyst, Azurite Saucers, Beautiful Fluorite Goddess Focal
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei
Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei

Kupuʻs "Haumea" RosaLei

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Who is Haumea?

In brief she’s a Hawaiian goddess of fertility, procreation and childbirth. 

From Hawaiian mythology it is said that Haumea is the Earth goddess, a symbolic Mother of all life forms. Her many children sprang from different parts of her body. She takes many different forms and has experienced many different rebirths. As the goddess of the Earth, she represents the element of stone. 

It is told that Wakea “father sky” and Haumea “Papahanaumoku” birthed the elemental forms of all the Hawaiian Islands.

From an astrological perspective, Haumea is a “dwarf planet” at the edge of the Kuiper belt, founded 2005 Jan.26.

Haumea’s orbit of 283 years is a few decades longer than that of Pluto.

As I am still learning about Haumea and her energy, so I would like to share and quote a brilliant astrologer Kelley Hunter who is exploring a lot of the outer edge dwellers of our Solar system. 

In my humble opinion these “edge dwelling dwarf planets and asteroids are bringing new frequencies and awakening elevating our consciousness, to those that are awake and aware! Opportunities for new forms of creativity! 

These creator deities open (or refresh) archetypal dimensions of consciousness, as if emerging in response to an urgent invitation from Earth herself and, likely, the prayers of traditional peoples who know their primordial power. I intuit that these new celestial neighbors operate from a higher dimension, perhaps a quantum level, engaging implications of the increasing alignment of science and spirituality. “ M.  Kelley Hunter 

 May this beautiful and powerful HAUMEA mala, offer new insights and creative expressions for YOU!
~ with much love and gratitude, Emma Kupu Mitchell

Journaling prompts for Haumea
  • What brings me the most joy right now?
  • What creative seeds want to be nurtured?

" I allow creativity to flow through me."


The Voluptuous Focal and beads supporting this beauty are:


    • Highly protective (like our mamas), especially on a psychic level

    • Helps you to discern when outside influences are at work within yourself and shuts off psychic manipulation and undue mental influence

    • Cleanses and stabilizes aura

    • Extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress

    • Grounds and integrates spiritual energies

    • Excellent learning aid

    • Physically assists balance and coordination

    • Each one is unique and never the same

    • Element: Wind

    • Chakra support: ALL

    • KEY WORDS: Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, clearing energy fields
  • LAVA (for Pele) - 10mm

    • Grounds you in the physical world and strengthenʻs connection to Mother Earth

    • Gives strength and courage, allowing stability through times of change

    • Provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back"

    • Element: Earth
    • Chakra support: Root (1st)
  • SMOKY QUARTZ Faceted - 10mm

    • Represents power of the sacred, Divine Feminine – particularly in her most natural form

    • Smoky Quartz focuses on the wild, untethered goddess energy, the wise woman and medicine women of the forest who have connected so deeply with Mother Nature that the two have almost become one

    • Helps you to cut through illusions in life

    • Centers energy, purges distractions from psychic world so you can focus on the physical, and removes negativity

    • “Absorbs” bad vibrations of negative energy surrounding you, leaving the way clear for you to improve your life

    • Helps you deal with even the toughest negative situations because it both draws out negativity so it’s not boiling under the surface anymore and also helps diffuse high levels of emotion and stress so that all involved parties can come to constructive solutions

    • Supports you to reconnect with your body and Nature

    • Element: Earth
    • Chakra support: Root (1st)

    • KEY WORDS: Grounding, transmutation of negative energies, practicality, organization, manifestation

  • SODALITE Faceted - 8mm (for NAMAKA)

    • Unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception, bringing information from the higher mind to the physical level

    • Stimulates pineal gland and third eye, deepens meditation

    • Instills drive for truth and urge toward idealism, making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs

    • Excellent stone for the mind, eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage

    • Brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks

    • Sodalite is one of the stones that bring shadow qualities up to the surface to be accepted without being judged

    • Clears electromagnetic pollution

    • Element: Wind 

    • Chakra support: Third Eye (6th)

    • KEY WORDS: Access to subconscious and intuitive abilities, enhanced insight and mental performance

  • GREEN AVENTURINE Faceted - 8mm  (for HIʻIAKA)

    • Fertility, rebirth, enhances creativity

    • Comforter and heart healer, emotional calm

    • Stone of optimism and zest for life

    • Helps one move forward with confidence into new situations 

    • Stone of "good luck" and is recommended for those who wish to manifest greater prosperity

    • Absorbs electronic smog and electric pollution

    • Element: Water 
    • Chakra support: Heart (4th)

    • KEY WORDS: Vitality, growth, confidence

  • AMETHYST Faceted - 8mm

    • Extremely powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibration

    • Beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate

    • Promotes love of the Divine, giving insights into its true nature and encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom

    • Opens intuition and psychic gifts

    • Blocks geopathic stress and negative environment energies

    • Element: Wind 
    • Chakra support: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

    • KEY WORDS: Protection, purification, Divine connection, release of addictions

  • AZURITE Saucers/Rondelles

    • Guides psychic and intuitive development

    • Urges the soul toward enlightenment

    • Cleanses and stimulates the third eye and attunes to spiritual guidance

    • Raises consciousness to a higher level and gives greater control over spiritual unfoldment

    • Brings about clear understanding and new perspectives and expands the mind

    • Releases long-standing blocks in communication and stimulates memory

    • Challenges your view of reality and lets go of programmed belief systems to move into unknown without fear, reaching deeper insights and a ndw reality

    • Clears stress, worry, grief and sadness, allowing more light into the emotions

    • Element: Wind 
    • Chakra support: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

    • KEY WORDS: Insight, vision, intuition, intellect

    Geralynʻs manaʻo

    "What a delight to create this piece in honor of the Goddess Haumea and what she represents: fertility, rebirth and CREATION!  With deep gratitude and respect for her powerful daughters were included in this design.

    Since this piece can be worn, The Divine Mother asked that the AMETHYST rest on the download point of the wearer.

    I realize now, that this RosaLei is also a wonderful protection from EMFs.

    Also, if you watch the video thatʻs included in her description, a Mama Shama bird is playing and flying around with her baby in the background. What a beautiful confirmation of Haumea who symbolizes motherhood, fertility and creation!"




      Created for and inspired by Emma Kupu Mitchell. Follow Emma and her Divine work to attain more guidance on how to use these beautiful talismans. 


      Crystal and gemstone wisdoms MAHALO to:

      "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall
      "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons

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