22 Unakite beads make up this beautiful hand knotted Talisman
Unakite Microfaceted Round and Pebbled beads. Hand knotted with ALOHA.
Kupuʻs "Harmonizing" Talisman
Kupuʻs "Harmonizing" Talisman
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 22 Unakite beads make up this beautiful hand knotted Talisman
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Unakite Microfaceted Round and Pebbled beads. Hand knotted with ALOHA.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kupuʻs "Harmonizing" Talisman
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kupuʻs "Harmonizing" Talisman

Kupuʻs "Harmonizing" Talisman

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Libra New Moon 
(Harmonizing Prayer Beads)

Libra activates the axis in your birth chart and within YOU and your life of the Self and Other i.e  Relationships 

Libra is a cardinal (initiating) air sign - ruled by Venus.

 The Key energies at play during this lunation (29.5 days approx. new moon to new moon) are focused around re-thinking all areas of your life, particularly relationships.  

Where can you bring harmony (balance) into the area’s that feel out of balance or alignment. A great question to ask yourself at this time or when in meditation or prayer  and then perhaps take them into your deep soul writing and journal: 

  • What relationships support me at this time? 
  • Which relationships are draining me?
  • How can I bring greater harmony, connection and balance to the relationships I want to deepen in my life? 

The 8mm beads supporting this talisman are:

*UNAKITE - Faceted Round Beads and Pebbles

    • Promotes harmony, that does not sacrifice innocence for experience (nor experience for innocence), and that will help you understand that being joyful doesn’t have to mean sacrificing success and growth

    • Highly balancing energy, and is an excellent one to introduce into your life if you are seeking a balanced relationship

    • Brings a calm gentle energy and can negate the effects of electromagnetic pollution
    • Excellent stone to aid in the decision-making process, especially when the decisions you are having to make have you trapped “between a rock and a hard place” as the saying goes

    •  Unakite has a unique and sensitive energy that blends the nurturing and growth symbolized by green with the love and innocence symbolized by pink

  • The BRIDGE symbolizes "connections" and "building" positive constructive relationships during this Libra lunation - the zodiac glyph for Libra is one of scales typically but we felt the bridge signifies the energy that is required to have relationships return to harmony

Geralynʻs manaʻo: "This talisman is made up of round faceted beads (you) and various shaped pebbles (all the different relationships in your life).  Divine Mother asked me to bring the beads together via hand knotting. As in life, it takes our energies and efforts to make or break a relationship. Hand knotting reminds me that we need to work, be patient, and be present in our exchanges with others."

Created for and inspired by Emma Kupu Mitchell. Follow Emma and her Divine work to attain more guidance on how to use these beautiful talismans. 


*Wisdom from www.crystalsandjewlery.com

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