The sister to the BEE-ing necklace, this rosary is handknotted and light weight! The rose carved pater beads makes it easy to know when itʻs the end and start to a new decade.
This version of BEEing is created to pray the rosary.
The Three Goddess: Chrysoprase Pebble (Virgin), Wood (Mother), Crystal Quartz Pebble (Crone)
Bee-ing RosaLei (Rosary)
Beeing Rosary - Pretty synthetic citrine carved roses!
Rose carved pater beads makes it easy to pray eyes closed knowing when itʻs time for a Mystery.
Bee-ing RosaLei (Rosary)

Bee-ing RosaLei (Rosary)

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Kupuʻs BEE-ing Necklace has a baby sister and  is in a rosary version!
How bee-utiful she is!

This hand knotted version includes 8mm bright yellow manmade citrine roses.  She is very light and super duper sweet!  

From Kupuʻs Bee-ing Necklace description:

"2022 holds the sacred vibration of 6 in numerology this is all about relationships, love and service (2+2+2=6) 

The HEX ( Hexagon 6 sided ) is closely associated with the honey bee and the divine feminine energy. 

In Shamanic traditions it is traced back to the lineage of the divine feminine and Melissa which in Greek means honey bee. It seemed very appropriate to use the symbol of the bee to anchor in the new energies for 2022.

The BEE-ING is uniquely handcrafted to incorporate ALL the elements of this whole year. The numerology, the Divine Feminine and the Shamanic lineage and way of the bee.

11 and 22 are master vibrations to amplify the healing energies of this beautiful rosary for the year ahead and the higher consciousness at play with the Jupiter transit in Pisces!"

Itʻs 6mm components are:

  • The Queen Bee with her Honey Comb (Material:   lead free nickel free zinc alloy metal/23mm) 
  • Rainbow Obsidian (Pebble/shapes will vary)
  • Rainbow Obsidian (Faceted Round)
  • Dark Green Fuchsite
  • Smoky Quartz (Faceted Round)
  • Green Epidote Pyrite
  • Prehnite with Black Inclusions (Faceted Round)
  • Chrome Diopside (Pebble/shapes will vary)
  • Peridot (Pebble/shapes will vary)
  • Chrysoprase (Faceted Round)
  • Green Aventurine (Faceted Round)
  • Rainbow Crystal Quartz (Faceted Round)
  • Fair Trade Various Wood Beads

  • Lovingly handknotted

  • NOTE: This version may not be wearable. 

Each RosaLei on our site is handmade with ALOHA just for you.
Nothing is mass produced.
All sacred protocols are practiced before, during and after each creation. 
Please allow one - two weeks for completion.  If needed earlier, EXPRESS action can be implemented for additional fee. 

MAHALO and have a blessed day, friend!



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