The BEE-ing RosaLei is your year long support for 2022!
6mm Fair Trade Wood Beads with gold spacers
Honoring the 22 for the year, each side of the necklace has 11 different gemstones/crystals! WOW!
11 supportive gemmies on each side and 22 Fair Trade 6mm Wood Beads on each side.
Special Note: The components for the first batch of BEE-ing RosaLeis to be created has been infused with the Full Moon in Gemini (12/18/21) energy along with Emmaʻs Sound Healing from her lovely Crystal Bowls.
These RosaLei babies are ready to take flight to you!
Supportive gemmies for your  journey in 2022!
Lightweight spiritual wear

Kupuʻs BEE-ing (necklace RosaLEI) - 2022

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 Welcome 2022!  Hereʻs the BUZZ on the first talisman for the 2022 Kupu Collection!

This master number year begins with a New Moon in Capricorn which is exact on January 2. 

Capricorn is a cardinal earth element that invites in new commitments and focuses around the long term visions and dreams in your life. Creating new structures and making this REAL.

2022 holds the sacred vibration of 6 in numerology this is all about relationships, love and service (2+2+2=6) 

The HEX ( Hexagon 6 sided ) is closely associated with the honey bee and the divine feminine energy. 

In Shamanic traditions it is traced back to the lineage of the divine feminine and Melissa which in Greek means honey bee. It seemed very appropriate to use the symbol of the bee to anchor in the new energies for 2022.

The BEE-ING is uniquely handcrafted to incorporate ALL the elements of this whole year. The numerology, the divine feminine and the Shamanic lineage and way of the bee.

The gemstones are set in a sequence of 11 followed by 22 wooden beads set with 2 spacers between each. These numbers are to intentionally align with the numerology of 2022. 

11 and 22 are master vibrations to amplify the healing energies of this beautiful talisman for the year ahead and the higher consciousness at play with the Jupiter transit in Pisces!  

A must to anchor the energies of 2022 and support your daily spiritual practice all year long. 

Geralynʻs Manaʻo:

This wearable RosaLEI is an exclusive design for Kupu honoring 2022, the year of the Goddess. The beads chosen by the Divine Mother supports your journey through 2022.

Itʻs 6mm components are (starting from the focal pendant):

  • The Queen Bee with her Honey Comb (Material:  lead free nickel free zinc alloy metal/23mm) 
  • Gold Hematite Spacers
  • Rainbow Obsidian (Pebble/shapes will vary)
  • Rainbow Obsidian (Faceted Round)
  • Dark Green Fuchsite
  • Smoky Quartz (Faceted Round)
  • Green Epidote Pyrite
  • Prehnite with Black Inclusions (Faceted Round)
  • Chrome Diopside (Pebble/shapes will vary)
  • Peridot (Pebble/shapes will vary)
  • Chrysoprase (Faceted Round)
  • Green Aventurine (Faceted Round)
  • Rainbow Crystal Quartz (Faceted Round)
  • Fair Trade Various Wood Beads

  • Magnetic Gold Plated Copper Clasp

Special Note: The components for the first batch of BEE-ing RosaLeis to be created has been infused with the Full Moon in Gemini (12/18/21) energy along with Emmaʻs Sound Healing from her lovely Crystal Bowls (check out the sweet photo).


The bee represents so much magic! Check out this information on what BEES symbolize through Buzz About Bees.  Letʻs support our bee friends in any way we can. 

 What a fabulous way to honor this master number year wearing this beautiful very light weight piece to support us in creating what we want in our lives! 

Wishing you a joyful, magical, enlightening 2022! Here we goooooooo!!!!

Created for and inspired by Emma Kupu Mitchell. Follow Emma and her Divine work to attain more guidance on how to use these beautiful talismans. Become an Inner Sanctuary member with Emma and receive an exclusive discount for these spiritual tools to assist in your journey!




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