Honkinʻ huge 40mm Tiger Iron Heart to remind you to be in the love and that you are always loved and supported!
Love these gold hematite rondelle spacers! Two spacers honoring the 2022 year.
The Align talisman has been mindfully co-created to integrate the elements of 2022 (22 gemstones) the year of the Tiger and to offer strength and support in these chaotic challenging times (tigers eye gemstones).
Multicolored 10mm Faceted Tigerʻs Eye Beads, Gold Hematite Spacers and 40mm Tiger Iron Heart to help you feel grounded all throughout the year.
No two Tiger Iron Hearts are the same. Each are unique and different just as we are from one another!

Kupuʻs ALIGN Talisman

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ALIGN Talisman 

Kupuʻs Celestial Wisdom:

"The Align talisman is a powerful anchor and support for navigating 2022, the year of the Black Water TIGER (Chinese Lunar Year) AND the PLUTO energies at play in our celestial skies this month and beyond!

The Pluto energies have  been building over the last few years however the TIPPING point is NOW in fact to be more precise from Feb 20 2022  through until 2024.

What I mean by all of this, is Pluto is completing itʻs orbit around the sun (246-248 years) back to the natal position of the birth of AMERICA (declaration of independence July 4 1776).

However, each of us have PLUTO in our birth chart and even if you do not live in America what is going on in the sky is also going on within us on some level! 

This Pluto “return” is not anything we have lived through before and itʻs INTENSE!!!! 

Pluto is the planet of deep transformation, death and rebirth. The energies of deconstruction, revelation, uncovering the unconscious, those parts of our world and ourselves that we have hidden. We are all going through a SPIRITUAL awakening on some level.

Pluto is NOT to be feared but rather looked at as an opportunity for regeneration and alchemy!

The Align talisman has been mindfully co-created to integrate the elements of 2022 (22 gemstones) the year of the Tiger and to offer strength and support in these chaotic challenging times (tigers eye gemstones).

The 10mm beads supporting this talisman are:

*TIGERʻS EYE - Multicolor Faceted Round Beads 

    • Combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless, grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to earth

    • Protective stone

    • Aids in collecting scattered information to make a coherent whole
    • Alleviates depression and lifts mood

    •  Psychologically, heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity

    • Blue Tigerʻs Eye - calming and releases stress

    • Red Tigerʻs Eye - stimulates and overcomes lethargy and provides motivation

  • HEMATITE SPACERS (gold) - grounding and protecting. Harmonizes mind, body and spirit

  • 45mm **TIGER IRON Heart Pendant - (each piece is unique! no two are exactly the same.)
    • Tiger-Iron is a combination of Red Jasper, Hematite, and Golden Brown Tiger Eye

    • Deepen the connection between your spirit and your body, and it will ground you in your sense of self and your sense of purpose

    • Symbolizes your ability to manifest your desires. It will show you how you can use and be inspired by the energies of this stone to accomplish your life goals

    • Tiger-Iron will help you in your emotional healing, and it will show you how you can enjoy a smooth flow of energies. It will guide you in letting go of unnecessary attachments.

    • It will help you focus on the positives. It will also remove anger, bitterness, and resentment in your heart.

Geralynʻs manaʻo
"The gemstones used for align were the perfect download (as usual) from the Divine Mother. Tigerʻs Eye and Tiger Iron for the year of the Tiger! Just WOW!

This Align Talisman is hefty and is ready to help you ground and stay centered during this rebirth year of 2022."


Kupuʻs Reflection Questions for Deep Soul Writing:

  • Are you ready to do the Soul work ALIGN can support you through this inner work?
  • What fears or hard truths have I been hiding from myself?
  • Where have I given away my own personal power?
  • Where can I reclaim my inner authority and empower myself and my life?




Created for and inspired by Emma Kupu Mitchell. Follow Emma and her Divine work to attain more guidance on how to use these beautiful talismans. 


Gemstone and Crystal wisdom from:

* Judy Hallʻs "The Crystal Bible" 


Disclaimer:  All testimonials or description of gemstones, crystals or beads appearing on this website represent the individual views and positions. Consumers should not construe any information herein as medical advice or as a substitute for discussions with a prescribing practitioner or other qualified medical professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The recommended use of Aloha Rosaleis is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always consult with a professional medical practitioner. 


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